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Cannabis Pipes

Make Sure You Understand The Risks

While cannabis combustion is believed to involve significantly less risk than tobacco combustion, a lot isn't known yet, and it's advisable to also understand that some of the same risks might be shared.

It's ultimately up to you, and we don't have an agenda, but know that there are non-combustion methods like dry-herb vaporizers available.

Cannabis pipes and bowls are combustion delivery methods that, through their design, deliver smoke at a consistent temperature. They are a fairly-common way of consuming medical cannabis.

Some pipes are works of art, others are small and discreet. The main things to watch when buying pipes for medical cannabis are the materials used and ease of cleaning.

Clean pipes with safe filtration for burned embers present an unedited flavor experience for the user; finding a safe pipe that delivers the smoke at a perfect temperature can be a bit of a chore.

Tips For Using

These aren't really veiled in rocket science:

  • Keep your pipe clean. It tastes better and lets your medicine work faster when clean. Res is harmful, don't let it build up.

  • Check your screens and filters. Don't let burned embers land in the back of your throat, it doesn't feel very good when that happens. These embers can also find their way into your lungs.

  • Have something to drink nearby, the smoke can be harsh.

Tips For Buying

Look for glass, hardwood, steel or brass combustion chambers. The longer the smoke has to travel through the pipe to reach your mouth, the cooler it will be when it arrives. Make sure the smoke path follows smooth contours or the pipe will be difficult to clean properly.

Avoid relying on a pipe in an all-in-one beginners kit; they are usually aluminium and too small to effectively cool smoke because they're designed for maximum discretion and cheap production costs.