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Welcome To Medical Cannabis!

Stonedsage is a collaboratively-edited wiki written by cannabis users, many of whom are also medical cannabis patients, from the perspective of what new patients with limited-to-some experience with cannabis products would need to know. There are many resources about medical cannabis available, but they don't advocate from the position of using cannabis as a treatment, or part of another treatment to a medical condition.

Our goal is to help you focus on your treatment outcomes, whatever they might be, without having to go through expensive trial and error, or buying a bunch of equipment that you might not need. We'll also help you feel confident for your first dispensary visit.

We offer a few learning paths based on choices we would have appreciated when starting out. All paths lead to content about safety, community and culture, and then diverge based broadly on your needs for consuming cannabis. You can also just head straight to one of the main wikis in the top navigation menu and dive in. There's no wrong way to be here.

Discover based on how you want to consume:

We've also made learning paths based on how you wish to consume cannabis, which is a decision that you and your practicioner should make together. Many patients consume medical cannabis through multiple ways; for instance: someone might use 10mg tablets during the day, but use dried flower through an atomizer at night.

Largely, there are three ways that you can consume prescribed amounts of cannabis, depending on your need: smoking it, eating it, or absorbing it through your skin.

To get started, click on the method that mosts interests you below:

Please consider contributing!

Stonedsage is divided into eight total areas, what we call wikis, that are curated by patients who have expertise in the subject matter and time to share. The wiki you're reading right now is called the Start wiki; its job is to greet people and lead them to our content, and ultimately to contributor inforomation.

Each wiki follows roughly the same format, and contributors can of course overlap, but each section also represents its own community of people that use that particular product or equipment. This means each section uses the platform slightly differently to play to its advantages, so not all sections are organized quite the same.

All community content is licensed under a creative commons license with attirbution required.

To get started, you'll need a Github account, and then head over to the contributor page to get going!