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Stoned Sage Is A Place For Patients To Help Patients

Think Of Us As An Online Budtender

Stonedsage was started because the availability of safe, vetted, neutrally-written information about medical cannabis is sorely lacking. As Tim noted in the kickoff blog post:

"That isn't to say that sites aren't creating great stuff as part of their content-marketing strategy; it's that patient decisions often rest solely on this content, which isn't an appropriate coupling."

We can't give medical advice, but we can share our experiences, techiques and knowledge with each other. We can surface things that work very well for us together, so that others who seek similar relief can build on our success instead of starting out on their own.

We also advocate for an industry that remains self-regulating and in the service of the patients that made it possible; even when that service conflicts with the needs of a public that has an increasing appetite for legal recreational cannabis. We need to make sure that patients figure prominently in an industry that is seeing exponential growth. Our stance on legislaion is yes for anything that furthers our goals without causing harm.

How It Works

The site is currently divided up into two portions: the main site which includes the blog and all pages that the public can't edit, and the wiki which is stored independently in a public Github repository.

This page that you're reading is an example of a page from the main site.

The Wikis (Instructional, CC BY-SA)

  • What we wish we'd known, avoided, gotten instead, all of that.
  • Anyone with a GH account can send a PR.
  • We provide rich MDX components to make creating cool articles with fancy visualizations easy.
  • Anyone can send a pull request.

Contributing To The Main Site

This is done on an invitation basis, ideally from those that contribute frequently.

Contributing Feed Suggestions

There will soon be a thingamajiggy to do that.

Contributing code

Ideally, those that contribute code are doing so in the effort of making writing great wiki pages easier. However, if you have something that you think would make our life easier and it's open source, please get in touch!

How do I get in touch?

Ping whoever gave you this link. There will soon be some contact info on the site and community comforts (discord most likely, for now). If you're not sure how to reach out, contact the maintainer, Tim, at