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Stonedsage Is Open Source Medical Cannabis Documentation

· 2 min read

I'm Tim, and I'm a medical cannabis user from Maryland. I'm also a developer advocate and (mostly) retired software developer. I started this site to create a place where I can share what I've learned about cannabis in the hopes that others will too. Why have I decided to do this? Because most of the information about medical cannabis is currently also paid marketing.

I was quoted as saying this in a podcast (which was edited out prior to it being published, unfortunately):

"That isn't to say that sites aren't creating great stuff as part of their content-marketing strategy; it's that patient decisions often rest solely on this content, which isn't an appropriate coupling."

Patients need information that prioritizes patient needs, not SEO. We have very specific needs and goals and need information in a consistent way. Cannabis is almost always marketed with a recreational mindset which isn't helpful for those in the medical market.

I'm also a long-time cannabis user; once I discovered that I could use it to treat chronic anxiety and pain so effectively that I could give up other medications, I was convinced it was the right path for me. Once it also took care of the long-term effects of cancer, including keeping new growth away, I felt an obligation to not just advocate for even more legalization so that others benefit from it, but also so patients would have an independent resource that is continuously updated and fact-checked by patients and providers alike, one page at a time.

I want people to be set up for success when they turn to cannabis as a treatment option. I want them to know how to decide on their consumption methods, strains and terpene profiles.

And with a few affiliate links and ethical sponsorship opportunities, we can probably at least make it pay to host itself.

If you're interested in partnering up, send me an email! I always like hearing from other cannabis users. I'm at I'm looking for co-conspirators and collaborators, if you're interested!

Your host in wellness,