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I'm Tim, and I'm a medical cannabis user from Maryland. I'm also a developer advocate and (mostly) retired software developer. I started this site to create a place where I can share what I've learned about cannabis in the hopes that others will too. I've spun up a default installation of Docusaurus which is a great platform on which to create technical documentation.

That brings us to what we're doing here - for the most part, writing about cannabis at a level of depth that discusses terpenes, bio availability, strains, producer & grower data, temperatures and methods is pretty technical writing. Using a technical writing platform makes sense.

What kinds of things will you find here soon? Well ...

  • I'd like to build something that lets you find strains available at dispensaries near you, by terpene profiles or effects that you want. I'm working on sketching out how that might work now.

  • I'd like to build something that helps you organize how you blend certain strains, and share that information with others. We'll need some nice React components to display visuals for this mixed in with the writing. The cool part is, this is all driven by markdown and MDX.

There can and will of course be recipes, tutorials, product reviews, anything that helps us help each other get the experiences that we need.

A lot of this stuff sort of exists, but it's not accessible, and some of the "features" that we come to rely on are accidental. Dutchie and others connect you by location to dispensaries and their menus, but if you wanted to find all strains high in Humulene, you'd have a lot of work that machines could be doing for you.

Mostly, this is about helping each other help us, by just sharing what we know, while we build robots to keep an eye on what local dispensaries have on their menus and try to aggregate it in a way that lends to more scientific searching.

Your host in wellness, -tim